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Who are we?


So as of now we are strangers. Let's change that...

Who are we?

Best friends who are deeply in love with each other. We are adventurers, Netflix bingers, wine lovers, and beach bums. There is never a dull moment between us, between the endless laughs and sweet moments with our kids (5 & 3). Together we share a passion for capturing others' love! Whether it's all smiles, emotional times, the little, or the big stuff. It's all part of life and want to document that for you.

How we met:

Online dating! It's the new norm, so we have no shame in sharing.

What we do for fun:

Adventuring, we are always itching to get out of the house. Whether it's checking out a new hiking spot, or taking a spontaneous trip to Yosemite, Big Sur or Tahoe-we love being outdoors.

Why did we get into Wedding Photography?

Derek got into Photography after doing wedding videos for a few years... During a wedding on his down time he switched to photo mode and created some amazing shots, now years after that wedding he focuses on mainly Photography now (but still offers videography). Kayla is a wedding planner, as her business is pretty self sustained she can be my second shooter on 90% off my weddings. ​ Derek's Fun Facts: Born in MA, huge Subaru lover, loves spontaneous traveling!

What do we stand for?

We stand for YOU, our couples. Creating friendships, seeking to make you the most comfortable in front of the camera, and being there if you need anything on your wedding day. We are on your side. Need another drink? We got ya. Wanna get wild on the dancefloor and need your dress bustled? Kayla's got you. Need a clothespin or some Advil? We bring an emergency kit. We stand for our couples and ensuring the best day ad of course the best wedding photos. ​ Kayla's In & Out Order: Cheeseburger Protein Style, Cheese Fry Lights, & Lemonade

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